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I work as an equine translator, helping to bridge the equine and the human worlds.

Years ago I thought I was training the horses but in actuality they were training me. My horses invited me to journey into their world and they taught me how to speak their language. This level of skill goes beyond traditional training modalities. It requires that you become more horse like. The horses are asking us to reawaken our intuition, instinct and connection to self. Their request is for the human to become more outwardly sensitive, use less force and develop our inner strength. When we are more aware and responsible for the direction of our energy the time in and out of the saddle become more like a dance verses a scripted exercise.

If you desire to explore the next level, I can help facilitate this. You can check out my website at or you can private message me. I invite you to a free consultation where we can explore your needs and find out what your horse most wants you to know.

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