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What I Believe

Horse whispering has taught me how to people whisper


I've been working with horses for over 50 years, and in that time, the whisper has become a roar of understanding. I use the wisdom gained from working with horses as a metaphor for intuitive and personal development. 


As a seasoned horse whisperer, I've honed the art of nonverbal communication, mindfulness, emotional agility, and the delicate dance of reading energy. These skills do not just apply to the silent dialogue between humans and horses but also form the cornerstone of my intuitive and personal development programs. In the same way that a horse reflects its handler's emotions and thoughts, my techniques mirror back to my clients the strengths within them, helping to unlock and develop their latent potential.


In my role as a facilitator for personal transformation, I've had the privilege of guiding individuals through profound shifts towards self-awareness and intuitive understanding. This journey is rooted in unlocking one's inner wisdom, emphasizing self-love, and overcoming the noise of daily life that obscures our true essence. It teaches us to look beyond our conditioned responses, fostering a deeper connection with our authentic selves and rediscovering the power of dreaming.


I look at personal development through a holistic lens, blending intuition and reason  


The transformative process is one of learning the subtle language of energy and embracing self-understanding to navigate life's challenges more gracefully. It's about shedding the layers of past experiences and limiting beliefs that keep us trapped in a cycle of autopilot living. By engaging in this work, individuals uncover a renewed sense of purpose, clarity, and an invigorated connection to the present, leading to a life filled with greater joy, leadership, and meaningful connections. 


Real change takes time and commitment


Committing to this path of inner exploration and healing offers profound benefits. This exploration enhances personal and professional relationships and promotes a lifestyle of living in the moment with gratitude. Ultimately, our greatest mission is to fully embrace self-love and the language of the heart, facilitating a shift from intellectual understanding to heartfelt living.

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