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What I Believe



As an equine facilitated learning coach, I have been gifted to witness and assist some remarkable shifts in humans that show up to access the wisdom and teachings offered from our equine partners. These magical moments are sometimes hard to explain mainly because horsepower is an inside job. 


Horses have journeyed right alongside us since the beginning of time, and I believe that many of them are assisting us in our next evolutionary jump in helping to raise the consciousness of the human race. Now, this is a big statement, but it is true in my heart.  


At their essence, these highly intuitive animals are directing us to heal our fragmented souls. The horse is a great mentor when it comes to teaching self –love. They have a gift in holding space and showing us how to heal the divide in our souls. The horse has never separated from their beingness, their connection to all that is, which is love.  


If you have ever had the experience of spending quality time with horses, you’ll quickly realize that horses don’t lose touch with their essence.  They have drives and desires, but if they don’t win a race or a competition, they don’t ruminate about what a loser they are or try to figure out how they’re going to win the next competition to feel better about themselves. Horses are peaceful within themselves and have stayed connected to their true nature. 


Humans, on the other hand, must work to remove the rust that has accumulated through life that blocks the connection to their spirit.  Many of us live in a superficial state of being, almost on autopilot with our past and our programming unconsciously driving our actions.  This isn’t anything to feel bad about because most of us haven’t been taught any differently. It’s just that our everyday world can be noisy and chaotic, which all but extinguishes our connection to our inner voice. Living superficially becomes a coping mechanism, causing life to feel heavy and pulls us towards believing our limited programming versus reaching for a higher thought. Many people have forgotten how to dream their biggest dream.   


Horses teach us the language of energy, self-understanding, and a way through life situations and challenges.  


One of the horse’s superpowers is their ability to read energy. They scan us very accurately, reading what is just below the surface and responding authentically to our energy, sometimes revealing places where we have lost power. The horse’s loving presence acts as a healing catalyst because they don’t judge, shame, or ask us to feel guilty; they provide us with a safe container to view what we have long tried to hide from ourselves, all our imperfections, fears, and so-called mistakes. The horse’s nature reminds us of all that is possible when we commit to the process of forgiving those places within ourselves where we have held judgment.  


The horse feels the shift in our energy when we free ourselves from our self-imposed prisons. Because horses are masters at moving energy, they can assist in releasing stuck energy; it may be as subtle as the dropping of the head, a yawn, or as expressive as a gallop around the arena. The horse’s feedback act as validation for our logical minds but at the same time blows our mind. The horse’s finely tuned awareness of energy causes us to stretch beyond our limited knowing and build a bridge to our inner world, expanding our self-awareness and the need to be more responsible for how we use our power in the world.   


Understanding the horse’s language of energy will give you a new view of personal power, how to reframe from judgment, and develop the courage to see and feel your energy and recognize every factor that is draining your intellect, and physical and emotional power.


Our highest calling is to learn to love our self fully and speak the language of the heart. The horse’s highest calling is to assist us in this journey from the head to the heart.


What does a transformation look like?


Of course, everyone’s journey is a little different, but if you truly commit to the process, some of the benefits include strength, courage, clarity, connection, improved leadership and joy I want to share a story of a client that I was gifted to work with; he is a successful businessman who himself is a coach. We met for a series of five sessions.  In his case, his life was running quite well, but he felt a sense of curiosity and a pull that was drawing him to explore this self-awareness work with horses.  


The first session blew him away. I introduced what dropping into his body means and accessing the wisdom of his body.  He quickly realized that he had access to another level of information when he was in this space.  With her body language, my lead horse, Charisma was validating his aha moments and when he disconnected from the body and re-entered his headspace.  Over the next weeks, with the guidance of the horses and my intuitive direction, we slowly opened the floodgates to past events and learned behavior that blocked his connection to his most authentic self.  The exercises with the horses helped him not only increase his awareness of his inner world but also learn to adjust and direct his energy while reading the feedback from the horse. He slowly started developing the skill of connecting to both his inner and outer world, simultaneously opening him up to a more conscious response.  


In this excavation process, he found he was able to connect the dots to a recent health crisis and do some healing work around it. The experience gave him the tools to embody a new way of showing up in the world. It has affected all areas of his life, from relationship to business to his health. He continues to work daily with the lasting memories and wisdom that the horse work imparted on his life—living more in the moment with gratitude.

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