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Nancy is one of the most gifted intuitives with whom I've ever had the pleasure of speaking. With her biological and scientific approach, she cuts through any ambiguity and gets straight to the heart, the center, of the matter. It didn't take long into our very first conversation before she was able to home in directly on my core wounds and blockages, with accuracy and precision as if she'd known me my whole life.


In guiding me through an exploration of how the body stores and communicates both its wounds and its wisdom, and explaining the symbolic language of its messages, Nancy has given me invaluable information and tools to begin to heal myself -- and choose to want to heal -- from my past traumas.


Nancy herself is a wealth of knowledge and expertise, compassionate and trustworthy. I would definitely work with her again and I recommend her to anyone who's been stuck or struggling with their own healing.

-Caitlin K. / Rochester, MI

I’d like to share my heartfelt appreciation for Nancy’s intuitive gifts and the time we spent processing my experience with kidney stones. She identified a lack of elasticity and blocked flow in my energy. We discussed the stones as lumps of undissolved anger and I spent time listening to that part of my body, seeking understanding of the gift this experience brought to me.


With Nancy’s guidance I was able to identify and acknowledge what needed to be felt deeply and released. It was a relief to realize that by letting go I was making room for more joy. I am grateful for Nancy’s affirmation of my authentic self and encouragement to bring light and awareness into my daily practice without judgment.


Thank you Nancy, for sharing your wisdom and intuitive gifts with me!



Guidance and Inner Power

Do you feel like you are on a hamster's wheel, only to be frustrated because the same situations keep showing up in life? Are you looking for balance, and asking yourself why is change so hard to achieve? It is because we have forgotten that we live in an energetic world. We are trained to view our world from strictly a physical perspective, trying to influence and change our external circumstances. What is called for is an inner shift, an energetic shift; this is what creates permanent change. In order to achieve goals, create a vision, find your purpose, and reach your highest potential, you will want to examine your personal agenda, motivations, and any shadows that need to be brought into the light to be transformed. You'll realize that everything is an expression of power from the simplest of thoughts to the smallest of actions. 


Unearth what is holding you back


My coaching practice incorporates mindfulness, emotional, and social intelligence training, an understanding of your energy system, and the relationship to your inner voice. I will use my intuitive training to help support you in finding clarity, improve, and care for oneself, develop self-awareness, strengthen intuition, and help manage life’s demands and stressors.




I offer insight and tools, both from my intuitive counseling training and my personal development work with horses. Providing a map and support for you to broaden your perspective and open your mind, hence enabling you to reach your goals



No one is born with self-esteem; we must cultivate it on the journey of life. Empowerment is the study of our relationship to physical power and how we negotiate emotional, psychological, and energetic power with our choices. Self-esteem is a by-product of trusting one's inner voice and following your inner direction.




Progress, in the sense that an individual will go from where they are to where they want to be, in effect reaching their goal.  The soul is always asking us to reach for our highest potential.


Are you ready to commit to creating the change?


This journey will cost you more than money. Changing your programming requires time, courage and work.  If you’re ready to reach for more peace within yourself, fulfillment in your job, harmonious relationships or appreciation of life, then take the leap and call me for a conversation. 


Intuitive Life Coaching 


  • 3- month package or 6-month commitments

    • 1-hour zoom sessions per month

    • Email support

    • ​One SOS call a month

  • Intuitive Coaching packages start at ​$250 a month

  • Single Intuitive Coaching Session $200 


Please inquire below

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