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I always have had an affinity for nature and a love of animals, but it was the horse that has shaped my life and ignited my lifelong passion.  I grew up cleaning stalls, giving pony rides and jumping on whatever horse I could ride.  At sixteen, my parents bought me my first horse, which I trained myself and I have never looked back. These magnificent creatures captured my heart.


In 1991 my husband and I bought a horse boarding and training facility, which I owned for 12 years.  This was the most significant apprenticeship of my life.  Living so closely with horses has a way of fine-tuning our empathic and intuitive abilities and with that came my desire for the next level horse.  The sensitivity and power I attracted won me many blue ribbons, but I noticed that I lacked a level of connection with my horses.  My horses ran from me, my timing in the saddle was off and the joy of the performance was lacking.  Traditional training methods left me stuck and frustrated.  Deep within, I knew there was a better way.   

I was now in search of a deeper understanding of the horse and how they communicated.  I knew I would have to learn how to speak their language.  The natural horsemanship movement was just starting but I decided to study in a nonconventional arena to help me with connecting with my horses.

I looked within and explored the intuitive arts and Jungian psychology. In 2004 I became a graduate of an intense 4-year program called The Science of Medical Intuition taught by Caroline Myss Ph.D. and Norm Shealy MD.Ph.D. I was now certified by The American Board of Science of Medical Intuition as a Counseling Intuitive. I also studied with some of the top animal communicators in the field. 

With this knowledge, my focus shifted from training to the strength of the relationship, eventually developing my unique brand of mindful horse training to help the human forge a loving partnership with their horse through the lens of the mind, body, and energetic connection.  

In 2016, continuing my interest and education in what horses have to offer us, I became and Equine Facilitated Learning Coach and Approved Eponaquest instructor specializing in the horse-human bond.


This journey has changed my life, but it wasn’t quick or easy.  I had to learn to become more horse-like.  I learned to recognize my energy and sense the world more deeply.  I became aware of the tension that I carried (thoughts, fears, doubts) that not only affected my horses but my relationships and my joy.  In other words, I had learned how to get out of my own way and connect to a deeper part of myself, my essence.  Instead of looking outward for answers, I looked inward.  I found strength, clarity, and balance in this place. I consciously made daily choices to bring this energy to all my relationships, horses, and humans alike.  This is when the magic started to happen.  I was showing up differently, and my horses felt it.  Resistance seemed to melt away only to be replaced by communication and connection. 

My horses have been my greatest teachers, especially one special one named Charisma. She held the key to me connecting to my authentic self and taught me how to direct my power into the world.   


My passion is to expand the healing potential of working with horses.  My horse programs help people explore everything from emotional and social intelligence skills to mindfulness, personal empowerment, intuitive development and leadership.

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