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Your Animals Are Speaking; Are You Listening? 


Intuitive Readings with your animal includes YOU! I tap into the energy surrounding you and your animal companion to find out the messages he/she wants to share with you. The session is conducted over the phone and you will receive an audio recording of the session.

I'm profoundly blessed to have been surrounded by animals all my life. They held my heart, broke my heart, challenged me, and helped me grow in consciousness.  They are inviting you to grow as well. 

All animal lovers have the gift of empathy

I know you want the best for your beloved animal companions. I can't count the number of gifts my animal friends have bestowed upon me, but one of my most treasured gifts is my ability to hear them.

Nonverbal communication is passed between animal-to-animal and animal to human constantly. Learning to hear and trust it can sometimes be a challenge for humans because of our overly logical minds. Sometimes it's our emotions or our agenda that gets in the way of receiving clear communication.

Healing animals through communication

There has been a slow but steady consciousness shift in the horse and animal world alike. New perspectives built around training and misbehavior are emerging. We now know that we are stewards of our animals and not their masters. As we become aware of all life's sentient nature, we realize that animals have deep inner lives and desires. Honoring their thoughts, feelings, and wisdom brings healing and wholeness to the relationship.

1/2 Hour Session $100


Pet Prana Interview

A conversation with Denise Mange on Horses and their Highest Calling


It has been 3 weeks since our reading. I have watched my kid and her horse completely fall in love all over again. The horse’s attitude changed almost immediately after talking to Nancy.

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