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Make the Journey More Important than the Goal

In our childhood and early youth, we instinctively require, and the world encourages us to balance work and play. As we move into adulthood, we are encouraged to be more goal-oriented. There is college, career, and focus on how we will support ourselves and take care of the family. The goal is to become a responsible adult. Our energy is more yang-orientated, outgoing, and controlling the world around us so that everything goes as planned.   This is a critical stage in our lives. As we age and gain life experiences, we learn that much of life is not in our control. Trying to control and hold our outer world together can lead to frustration, anxiety, and burnout. I have seen many women in this space, including myself. Being a superwoman is not a superpower.


Know the yang, but stay connected to the Yin.


The yin energy is receptive, the stillness of meditation and listening from within. On this life journey, remember to appreciate and take time to rest and rebuild your strength. Not only has the world become so noisy, and technology has increased our distractions, but many have forgotten how to relax and let go of what is stored and unprocessed in our bodies.   Welcome the quiet times, spend time going within, consciously relax, and dispel false beliefs that govern your life. Pay attention to the inner critic. Self-importance and doubt can rob you of more energy than physical activity. When doubt surfaces, allow it to teach you of the fears still held within. Feed your doubt the stillness of meditation so that you can dissolve its power and continue on the path with a deserving heart.


It is essential to enjoy the PROCESS of achieving your goals and dreams. 


When you take time to go within and listen to your inner voice, it will guide you to include yourself and create from a space of joy. When we fully digest the journey, it expands our soul and offers fulfillment. Fulfillment comes from deeming yourself worthy. 


Always make the journey more important to achieve your goal and your dreams effortlessly.

Yin and Yang
Make the Journey More Important than the Goal

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