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Who were you when you first discovered horses? Do you remember the subtle whispers of your heart? What drew you to these magnificent creatures? Were those whispers easier to hear back then?

For many and myself included it was the pure beauty of the horse, from their flowing manes and big innocent eyes to their powerful stride and sense of wild freedom they give us. It was quite a mystical experience growing up loving horses as a child.

If you have been involved with horses long enough the fairytale can end and a new reality shows up. On some level we want growth, we may want the next level horse to show or to train your first youngster. It could be that a past experience or fall has plummeted your confidence. I encourage you to not to give up or let the challenges break your spirit or love of horses. In mutual respect we must also be careful of their spirits. The nature of the horse encourages them to partner with us as long as we don’t shut them down in the process. I want to support you in finding your way back to that magical connection with horses. Whether it’s a better performance or that you’re questioning what’s next in your relationship with your horse. You’ll find that many times the answer doesn’t lie in the training technique but in communication, connection and relationship.

It is through this foundation that the performance arises like music.

The horse is leading many of us woman back to our original essence, bringing us back to balance and reminding us what truly nourishes both the horse and us.

Love Nancy and Charisma

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