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Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced equestrian, awareness is the most valuable asset when it comes to building a healthy foundation with horses.

This skill has been over looked in most areas of our human activity with emphasis focused on technique and quick results. Anyone who becomes really good at a sport and masters it talks about being in the zone. They describe this place where their sensory perception is expand, everything becomes more vivid, more alive. They experience an increased awareness and presence, obsessive thinking stops and they have access to a deeper more intuitive and creative part of themselves.

Now who wouldn’t want to get there with their horse?

I know this place; it is the place I call “the rider’s high”. I have seen other riders achieve it also, the ride is so beautiful; there is such harmony between the horse and rider. It’s like watching music. Co-creation between species at it’s best.

Now here is the reality of the situation whether you are in a competitive arena, trail riding, or schooling for fun there is no EASY button when it comes to opening up to this level of connection and awareness. It takes practice, yet this is just what horses are asking us to do.

The horse wants us to learn to speak their language. These sensitive beings actually support and maybe even help jump start us in opening up to our instinct and intuition. You see the horse is already there. Horses communicate by reading energy, emotion and the intention behind it. It is we humans that need to refine this lost skill of being present, breathing, and feeling into the situation, then the response can comes from a more expanded place. When practiced this process happens in second, your just in the flow.

If you wish to have this state of connectedness every time you ride, I suggest that you learn to speak horse!

Our human mind is slow and it wants to figure things out. Twenty- five years ago when I began to study in the intuitive arts I never dreamed it would increase my connection and riding abilities with my horses. It has become my passion to help other equestrians work towards this level of oneness with their horse. The horses and I are here to help support you in listening to that deeper part of yourself, the voice of instinct and intuition. I am confident it will enhance your relationship with your horse and support your riding skills as well.

Looking forward to connection,


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