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These are chaotic times, and all of our lives have been turned inside out with this Coronavirus outbreak. Many of us including me, have been inundated with fear and uncertainty. Then New York State put restrictions on horse owners, limiting equestrian’s visitation to boarding facilities and no mounted activity if your horse is in your backyard. When this was first announced, I felt a level of panic. My thoughts went right to “how could I survive without seeing my horses”? As I’m sure did many other horse owners.

For those of us who have a profound connection to our horses and nature, this time can be devastating. I felt as if my lifeline had been cut off. Noticing my mind wanted to run off and control the situation, I decided to take some time to sit in the intensity of my emotions. As I sat in reflection, I started to connect with a sense of gratitude that was just below the surface of my feelings. I found a place where I whole-heartedly appreciate my horses for more than a riding partner. This pause, we are all experiencing during these times gives us the perfect opportunity to feel the importance of how horses affect us on a soul level.

Long ago, I realized that my horses were working on me at a soul level. There were many times when I wanted to walk away from a problematic horse, mainly because it made me feel vulnerable. At that time, I didn’t see the gift in the lesson. Horses have a great way of reflecting back our personality and energetic weakness. As in life situations, I came to realize that to truly connect; I would have to look at myself. The horse nudged me on to a beautiful journey of self-discovery. It has increased not only my riding ability but, most of all, the connection and trust between my horses and myself.

My horses had held space for me when I was having a bad day, witnessing and moving even my darkest emotions. They have trained me to recognize my anxiety and how to move back to my center, mirrored when I have needed to move forward. Taught me to form deep bonds and relationships, have a trust for life, and how to stand in my power.

I came to appreciate my horses as my healers. These magnificent animals give us freedom and empowerment, yet they are great teachers of humility, love, and compassion. Nancy Proulx Equine Essence

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