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Horses and the Power of the Feminine

I've noticed a shift in the horse world over the past ten years. More and more humans are waking up to the horse's highly sensitive nature and learning to work with them in a more balanced way. I believe that one contributing factor is that humanity is reclaiming and reawakening this sensitivity for themselves.

Presently in the horse world, we hear a lot of language around a heart-to-heart connection. Equestrians are now aware that training from the perspective of brute strength, overpowering with equipment, or manipulating by wearing a horse down to submit not only breaks down the horse's spirit but their bodies. When you look at this from the predator-prey perspective, you can understand that overpowering a horse takes away its ability to escape.

If a horse can't fight or flee, they go into freeze mode. Energetically this causes their spirit to disassociate from their physical body. A polite horse continues to numb itself out as a survival mechanism. Many humans are trained in a similar way.

Our society and institutions have taught us to conform, shut down our intuitive voice and blindly trust our programming. Many of us walk around in this same numbed out state, perpetuating the pattern with the next generation and horses alike.

Thankfully as equestrians we have started to wake up, we’ve realized that a horse that goes around like a robot has no charisma or spirit. It's as if we are eating dry bread without wine; there is no communion.

In my journey, as my awareness has slowly increased, the ribbon wasn't the goal anymore; there was a new carrot. Instead of the ribbon's outward goal, it became about the rider's high, the connection, the ride of oneness and ultimately knowing oneself.

Just shifting our focus from the ribbon to the relationship was the catalyst we needed to propel us as equestrians into these feminine qualities.

As we have started to explore the hidden gifts of the feminine, a new language started to be introduced into our modern-day training. Equestrians took the blinders off. They began to open their hearts and became vulnerable, realizing that the horse has just as much to teach us as we teach them. Many who are making this leap are exploring their interpretation of what a different form of power could look like. They are finding out they have more success with their horses when they explore relationship, connection, emotion, and intuition, all feminine qualities of power.

As we continue to explore the horse's nature and start to value the horse's perspective, we learned of the instrumental power of the lead mare. This mare holds a high rank in the herd because she is the most aware, the most tuned in. This superpower makes her an effective leader. Not only can she hold her ground, but she also has a strong connection to her instinct and intuition, a trait we humans are reawakening. This keen sense allows her to look inside herself for the next step in leading the herd to safety.

The horses do not separate the power of the feminine from the masculine. The herd survives because the qualities of both the stallion and mare are valued. The yang could not exist without the yin.

I believe that equestrians and non-equestrians can do some of the most productive work with horses using unmounted activities. Unmounted activities help to strengthen awareness, empathy, receptivity, reading energy, and shifting one's power from external to internal, all feminine qualities. There is so much hidden magic in working with horses. Horses are both very grounded and yet very spiritual beings. They inspire us to free ourselves from our limitations and fully embody all of who we are. I won't say this is an easy journey, but well worth it; much of our programming still values the goal over the journey. When I embody the skill of feminine power, I find myself having to do less with better results and more joy.

A few things to be aware of…

Your horse might know more than you!

Your energy affects your horse.

Your horse has an opinion about their own life purpose.

Disconnection may actually be the horse trying to guide you to balance.

Two-way communication opens up when you take in the horse’s perspective.

Inner power comes from being authentic.

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