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Four Steps to Help You Develop Feel With Your Horse.

When I ask riders what the archetype of the centaur invokes in them, most instantly get that image of the rider who is one with their horse, the ride is flawless and just gorgeous to watch. Some have feelings well up in them reminding them of freedom, power and the beauty that horses represent. At a deep level we know that there is a silent language of connection going on between horse and rider. This is what all our dreams with horses are made of. If you truly seek to connect with the horse you will want to tap into your ability to develop your feeling nature. Feel is an invisible quality that all good riders have that allows them to communicate and have harmony in and out of the saddle with their horse. It is more natural to some than others but with practice this skill can be improved. This gift of feeling is common to both the human and the horse and it is essential to our connection with them. I encourage every horse person to go beyond the level of just developing the feel in the saddle. Open your heart up to an even deeper level of empathy with your horse where you can also feel the horse’s emotions and hear their thoughts. This is true oneness with the horse.

Four things you can do to speak horse more fluently:

1) Practice Mindfulness- Put your phone away. Become aware of your thoughts and what your distractions are. Practice quieting the mind chatter; instead use your mind with focused awareness. Use your thoughts to create what your want. Your horse is aware of your intention and attention.

2) Develop Body Awareness- Many of us are unaware of our own body and what we have stored in them. Our stiffness in both the body and the mind can transfers to the horse. As riders we need to develop suppleness in these areas so we can truly feel what is going on underneath us. The body is a gateway to the present moment.

3) Develop emotional intelligence- Because horses are prey animals their sixth sense is turned way up. If you are hiding an emotion or are trained to suppress them the horse will still feel your emotional baggage and respond authentically to them. Emotions are contagious! Get connected to what you feel and the message behind your emotions. Show up congruent in front of your horse. You will then know what is yours and what are the horses.

4) Be aware of the horse’s perspective- The horse is constantly communicating with us. Listen to them when they have opinions and feelings about their work. Relationship is about two-way communication.

Looking forward to connecting,


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