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Animal Communication Helps a Girl and Her Horse Fall in Love Again

I am a mom of a 16 yr old, two horses, and a small zoo of other fur and scaly babies. Both of my horses are OTTB’s. One is a rescue that I found (we found each other) 16 years ago and the other one, I bought for my daughter two years ago. He is 8 years old and from the moment I saw him I just knew he was HER horse. From the very beginning he took the job of being HER horse very seriously. It has been incredible watching the two of them learn and grow together. About 6 months ago we noticed his attitude changing, he showed signs of ulcers, (we’ve had to treat them before so he is prone to them) he didn’t want to work, and it eventually got so bad he was even ugly just handling him on the ground. I did all the things medically possible to treat his ulcers, and any, and everything else to try to make this horse happy. I realized that what we were dealing with wasn’t just medical. There were other issues going on.

I knew of Nancy many many years ago. I used to board my horse with a friend of hers and had a reading with her. Now let me say, I have had animal communication readings with other people several times and they were good. But I really felt like the issues we were dealing with were much deeper and we needed more than just a conversation with my kids horse. So I set up a time to talk with Nancy. I am in SC so our session was all done over the phone. Distance does not make a difference! We started the session talking to/about my rescue horse first. Not only was she spot on about his personality, but she also knew how sensitive he was and how his past still affects him. She cautioned my daughter not to ride him if there was a day that her head wasn’t in the right place. She had to be the one to “keep it together” for the two of them. When she moved on to my daughters horse, it wasn’t just him she focused on. It was her as well. She explained that horses mirror our issues. At the time my daughter was dealing with some tough emotional issues, some of them related to riding, but most of them did not. Nancy explained to me that the third chakra is at the gut region and is all about self worth, self respect, and perfectionism plus being able to handle criticism. Ulcers are about overactive energy in that part of the body. She helped me, help my daughter, start to heal and learn how to deal with her emotions and what was going on in her life. Dealing with her own issues helped her horse and their relationship.

It has been 3 weeks since our reading. I have watched my kid and her horse completely fall in love all over again. The horse’s attitude changed almost immediately after talking to Nancy. My daughter and I talked about some of the other stuff that was affecting her personally and the next few times she rode, I told her to ride in the field and play. I reminded her that riding was more than competing and that her horse was her best friend. The transformation of the two of them is incredible. Nancy has a gift that is immeasurable. I knew going into this that I needed more than just an animal communicator. Not only did the horse benefit from her energy healing, but my daughter did as well!


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