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The Spirit Of The Horse


2-day workshop 10:00AM- 3:30PM

 Date: June 25 & July 2

 Wisdom Farm 10795 Miland Rd Clarence Ctr NY  14032


This workshop is for anyone interested in deepening their intuition through the way of the horse, exploring skills found in non-riding activities, observation and discussion, to enhance the blending of intellect and intuition. 


As a lifetime equestrian, horse’s have taught me so much more than my ability to ride.  These sensitive wise creatures live with a hoof in both worlds, the world of this dimension and the world of spirit.  


Horses have valuable lessons to share that help us develop a deeper connection within ourselves, each other and all of life, including:


  • Body awareness to activate our inner GPS for better clarity and self- trust

  • Mindfulness to appreciate each moment of life and super-charge the right brain

  • Boundaries as a leadership and communication skill

  • Emotional fitness skills which can turn empathy into an art  


No experience with horses is necessary, although there will be gentle horses used in demonstrations.   Wear hard-soled shoes, bug spray and sunscreen.  Please bring a lunch.


 Cost: $250 limited to four participants


For more information, contact: Nancy Proulx via email at or by calling or texting 716-481-9812.

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