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Let the Horse Lead; The Dance to Authenticity


Do you feel the pull for something more, peace, improved relationships, healing, or a more creative way of being? Horses offer a powerful roadmap for restoring you to a natural state of balance and authenticity.  


Many times I am asked, “How can horses help me reach my goal or identify blocks to my growth”?  


Equine Facilitated Learning experiences leave my clients with many transformational moments. The revelations they experience leave them inspired and looking for the next level of wisdom that these magnificent creatures can impart. 


You may recognize the horse’s majestic nature and power, but it's in knowing their vulnerability that can really help you to connect more deeply with life and to yourself. Horses are prey animals. Their survival depends on them being connected and trusting their instinct, emotions, and intuition. The horse quickly senses incongruences in their environment; they can read your mood and body language and respond appropriately. Their social structure is highly valued, with emphasis placed on communication, cooperation, and connection, allowing the herd to move from survival to thriving. Truly a gift.


Would you like an opportunity to take a giant leap forward in your personal growth and consciousness?


My horses and I offer you an invitation to step into their

world, to feel, sense, and view your world at a deeper level. Experience equine inspired insights and exercises to help reintegrate the mind and body, expand awareness, and increase connection to your deeper self.  


You will spend time in the presence of and working directly with horses on the ground in a variety of different reflective, active, and experiential activities. Equine-facilitated learning will help you to slow down and ground yourself in the present to gain awareness and insight, shift old patterns, transform limiting beliefs and learn new ways of being and doing that are more, authentic, and empowered.


Individual Equine Facilitated Experiences: 

2 days on-site horse experience

1-hour Zoom call to prepare beforehand

1 Zoom call follow up debrief


6-week package

1st session 3-hours with five 2-hour sessions with horses

1-hour Zoom call to prepare beforehand

1 Zoom call follow up debrief 

Coaching packages start at $2000.00​


Please inquire below

"Absolutely amazing work! As a veterinary professional of 20+ years I wasn’t sure that this type of approach was for me. I have learned more about communicating with the horses I work with, my own horses and myself in the four lessons spent with Nancy than I have in the 20+ years I have spent providing veterinary services in the barns I work with. As a professor of veterinary medicine, I now have another tool that I can pass along to my students, both the experienced horse people and the novices. In addition to what I learned about communicating with horses, I experienced a new way to manage my stress level and chronic headaches as a result of going through this program with Nancy. I would highly recommend spending at least one day with Nancy, you will return for sure!" - Tara Woyton-Sorrentino MS, LVT, CVT

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