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Speaking Horse


Do you struggle with communicating with your horse? Is your horse stubborn, balking or jigging? Do you lack confidence or doubt yourself?


I work as a translator for the horse. I can sense and hear your horse's opinion. And I can teach you to do the same! When you learn how to do this, and deepen your relationship, your horse will do anything for you!


Whether your discipline is English, Western, Dressage, or Trail riding, I bring a holistic approach to solving problems and improving your relationship with your horse. 


Horsemanship Beyond Technique  

Communication is more than body language. Horses can sense how you feel, the energy that you show up with, plus your strengths and weaknesses. I can help you listen to your horse, access the root cause of the disconnection, and design a plan to create communication and connection between you and your horse. 


I'm passionate about helping you to SPEAK HORSE by strengthening your sensory abilities, increasing your body awareness, and tapping into your authentic power.


How We Work Together  

We begin with your personal development. Your foundation is as important as your horse’s foundation. My horse training background provides me with many tools, but in addition, I use communication and an intuitive assessment as a complement to your training method.


We focus on your self-awareness and how you direct your energy. Learn the horse's language by increasing your perception of the nonverbal information your body is picking up and what your energy is communicating back to the horse.   


The potential of all movement comes from physical, emotional, and mental collection.  


Get Off Your Horse 

The most powerful exercise we can do to strengthen our connection with our horse is to get off the horse. Working from the ground allows us to develop and practice the skill of self-awareness. 


Groundwork and liberty work will enable you to increase your perception of the subtle energy of connection between you and your horse. As you feel more clearly into yourself, you will increase your ability to sense into the emotions and thoughts of your horse. From this place of deep communication, comes connection. From the connection, comes the performance of a lifetime!


Let the dance begin!

I live in Sanborn, NY, and I can travel to you and your horse. I charge a small travel fee for distances beyond a 25-mile radius from my house.


Onsite Relationship Evaluation and Connection Sessions

I offer a series of sessions to help you the human to read the non-verbal communication of the horse.  Most problems in the saddle show up as subtle miscommunication on the ground.  Increase your awareness and communication skills through energy awareness exercises and ground activities with your horse. 

Workshops Available

Please contact me

Equine Facilitated Phone Coaching


I would love to work with you via phone or Zoom to take your relationship with your horse toward becoming a true partnership. Based on my Equine Essence Philosophy of equine partnership between human and horse I will support you with my 30+ years of knowledge as a horsewoman, Animal Intuitive, personal development expert and equine facilitated coach.

"I am very grateful for the journey I have taken with Nancy Proulx. Her guidance along with her horse Charisma has been most valuable to me as a horsewoman. After a recent accident falling off my horse Ollie I had to start over. I was feeling a lot of fear and lacked confidence. I had a long session with Nancy and Charisma learning how to reinforce the connection with my horse. The next morning I went into the pasture where Ollie was grazing and noticed that my gut was telling me I was ready and confident. I silently sent him my intention to follow me to the gate so I could lead him to the barn to do some groundwork and some grazing afterward. I turned and walked toward the gate and he was right there following me and was more than willing to do everything I had just sent him as my intention. This was the most thrilling experience I have ever had with a horse. I am looking forward to more sessions with Nancy helping me to better understand and connect with my beautiful black horse!"- Jean Marie Taggart

Aimee Pahl - Transforming work with her horse Krossfire

The Correct Use of Dominance

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