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Nancy Proulx

Nancy Proulx,
Eponaquest Instructor - Power of the Herd Certified

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Do you struggle with communicating with your horse? Is your horse stubborn, balking or jigging? Do you lack confidence or doubt yourself?

Whether your discipline is English, Western, Dressage or Trail riding I can help you improve your relationship with your horse. I bring a more holistic approach to solving problems with your horse. My horse training background provides me with many tools, but in addition, I use communication as a complement to training.

I am able to sense and hear your horse’s opinion.

Communication is more than body language. Horses sense how you feel, the energy that you show up with and your strengths and weaknesses. I can help you listen to your horse, access the root cause of the disconnection and design a plan to create communication and connection between you and your horse.

I live in Sanborn NY, and I travel to you and your horse. I charge a small travel fee for distances beyond a 25-mile radius from my house.

Introductory evaluation and planning session $150.00 2hr minimum

New Horse Consultation - How to find your perfect horse. With my animal communication skill and intuition training I read and evaluate the personalities and energies of a potential horse prospect. This can be done in person or by video tape. Each horse and riders are individuals. The personality, and its strengths and weakness of each need to be assessed individually and then as a whole. This is much like finding our perfect mate. We want a harmonious relationship that also allows growth and the ability to reach our goals.

Phone session available

"I am very grateful for the journey I have taken with Nancy Proulx. Her guidance along with her horse Charisma has been most valuable to me as a horsewoman. After a recent accident falling off my horse Ollie I had to start over. I was feeling a lot of fear and lacked confidence. I had a long session with Nancy and Charisma learning how to reinforce the connection with my horse. The next morning I went into the pasture where Ollie was grazing and noticed that my gut was telling me I was ready and confident. I silently sent him my intention to follow me to the gate so I could lead him to the barn to do some groundwork and some grazing afterward. I turned and walked toward the gate and he was right there following me and was more than willing to do everything I had just sent him as my intention. This was the most thrilling experience I have ever had with a horse. I am looking forward to more sessions with Nancy helping me to better understand and connect with my beautiful black horse!"- Jean Marie Taggart

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