My Work

Nancy Proulx

Nancy Proulx,
Eponaquest Instructor - Power of the Herd Certified

Equine Essence

The Work That I Do

Individual Horse Consultation - This is where I use my unique training methodology, Equine Talk Training and Teaching. I evaluate the situation from the horse’s perspective and the owner’s perspective we work on a plan designed to bring about the highest potential of the relationship. This may involve a few exercises and training session plus teaching the owner what the interaction of the horse has taught us and how to remain in a harmonious relationship with each other. This can be done either at your facility or arrangements can be made to bring the horse to my facility on a monthly basis.

Individual Phone Consultation - This is an opportunity for a two way telepathic communication between you and your animal companion. Many of our animals are excited about talking with us. My goal in working with you and your animal is to increase understanding and promote a harmonious relationship. I am not a veterinarian and I do not diagnosis illness or disease. I do however receive physical sensations and messages from the animal regarding their body and I will translate this information to you, only as described by the animal. Animal communication is not a substitute for a good veterinary exam, proper nutrition or healthy exercise. It is also not a behavior modification program to make your animal stop his or her bad habit. I can be helpful in sharing the animal’s perspective and we can work together to develop understanding and options that often help the situation.

New Horse Consultation - How to find your perfect horse. With my animal communication skill and intuition training I read and evaluate the personalities and energies of a potential horse prospect. This can be done in person or by video tape. Each horse and riders are individuals. The personality, and its strengths and weakness of each need to be assessed individually and then as a whole. This is much like finding our perfect mate. We want a harmonious relationship that also allows growth and the ability to reach our goals.


Equine Essence - This clinic focuses on my unique training methodology. Most people are taught to train and ride by throwing their emotions and expectations on to the horse. I have seen this create a very one sided relationship that causes many behavioral and performance problems. I teach riders how to reverse the effects of bad training by thinking and feeling from the horses perspective. These breakthroughs come quicker for horse and rider when we learn to evaluate concepts like safe space training, horse instinct, personality types, defense mechanisms, body awareness and our own projections. This clinic is part instructional and part demonstration.

Mystics with Manes - This clinic teaches you how to connect with your horse on a deep level and experience each other as soul friends. Learn how to read the emotional , mental and spiritual messages from the horse and how you can use your energy to connect with the horse. Application of intuitive and practical techniques to help you understand the path of the horse and the wisdom they teach us. The horse heals us , we heal the horse, there is no separation. This is a one day seminar suitable for all horse lovers.

Animal Communication - This is a five hour clinic in which I introduce people on how to deepen their connection to their pets. We will discuss animal viewpoints and their roles they play with us. There are also many fun and practical applications of techniques to enhance sending and receiving messages from your pets. Great clinic for an afternoon at the barn.

Please call or contact me by email if you would a consultation or to host a clinic.