Equine Facilitated Learning

Nancy Proulx

Nancy Proulx,
Eponaquest Instructor - Power of the Herd Certified

Equine Essence


Do you feel the pull for something more, for peace, healing or a more creative way of being? Horses offer a powerful roadmap for restoring us to a genuine state of balance and peace within oneself.

I partner with horses in teaching people leadership, intuition and emotional fitness skills. Individuals spend time in the presence of or working directly with horses on the ground in a variety of different reflective, active and experiential activities. Equine-facilitated learning helps people to slow down and ground themselves in the present in order to gain self-awareness and insight, shift the old patterns, transform limiting beliefs and learn new ways of being and doing that are more, authentic and empowered.

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Suggested Options for Equine Facilitated Experiences:

2-hour and multi-session individual

Half day group or team

Full day group or team

Multi-day group or team

"Absolutely amazing work! As a veterinary professional of 20+ years I wasn’t sure that this type of approach was for me. I have learned more about communicating with the horses I work with, my own horses and myself in the four lessons spent with Nancy than I have in the 20+ years I have spent providing veterinary services in the barns I work with. As a professor of veterinary medicine, I now have another tool that I can pass along to my students, both the experienced horse people and the novices. In addition to what I learned about communicating with horses I experienced a new way to manage my stress level and chronic headaches as a result of going through this program with Nancy. I would highly recommend spending at least one day with Nancy, you will return for sure!" - Tara Woyton-Sorrentino MS, LVT, CVT

Watch the video below to learn how Equine Facilitated Learning is helping our veterans

The Wounded Warrior Project

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