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Two Way Communication With Your Horse

Nancy Proulx - Friday, February 16, 2018

    What does two-way communication look like with your horse?

Horses are very sensitive and intuitive animals. What they want most from us is to tap into these qualities within ourselves in order to connect with them.

I have a very subtle but powerful example of communication that I would like to share with you. There is a four-year-old warm blood gelding in the barn that I will be working with soon. As of now I have not had any physical contact with him. Today I was asked to remove his blanket for the vet because the owner was not available at that time. I walked into this beauties stall; he faced me, staying firmly planted, he reached his neck and very chiseled head towards me in order to sniff me. I intentionally stopped where I was to honor his space and I reached out my gloved hand to him. I’m sure he got a good whiff, not only was it a polar fleece glove but it was full of the loose hair falling from my mare’s body in hopes for an early spring. I felt his curiosity and his apprehension in my gut at the same time. His nostrils flared very slightly and the length of his breath increased as the scent affected his mind and body. I could sense his awareness that this was the scent of a mare. I could feel the testosterone in him start to come to the surface. I became aware of my personal space for safety reasons. My gut told me that the young nature of this horse didn’t lend him much control over his reactions. He felt impulsive to me. I held my ground while becoming more relaxed in my body and breathed deeper for him. Offering him a calming nature to tap into and the space and time to process this new experience. I didn’t want to unconsciously push to hard and cause him to act out. Our assessment of each other happened in a matter of seconds. It is in these first interactions where mutual respect can be offered.

Learning to understand the non-verbal language of the horse is so rewarding. This subtle communication can be almost invisible from the eyes point of view. It’s a deeper more sensitive part of oneself that needs to be developed. In this case I could see the possibility of this young horse being misunderstood and bad behavior escalating if no one recognized his characteristics. Many of us are not schooled in this subtle communication or shut down communication from the horse because you have been taught that the horse needs to accept you and your actions unconditionally.

I love inspiring great horse human relationships. I have found a simple change of perspective help me create just these changes with many horses. Instead of expecting the horse to understand our language learn to speak the non-verbal language of the horse. Energy and emotion are common to both species.

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