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Self Awareness and Horses

Nancy Proulx - Monday, September 26, 2016

What does self -awareness have to do with horses?

The more I learn about horses the more I’m convinced that self -awareness should be a prerequisite in the classroom of being with horses. With that being said I do believe that mastery is a lifelong journey. The lost knowledge about horses is that they look for congruency and authenticity. We all know they are prey animals, making then wired to be emotional protégés. Horses read what is below the surface. It is just as important for them to know whether a herd member is relaxed and present or sensing danger. This survival mechanism allowed them to know if the lion was on the prowl for their next meal or just passing by and had a full stomach. Horses sense if the lions outside actions match their inner agenda. Because of this mechanism, incongruence means danger to a horse. The problem is that many of us have been conditioned to numb ourselves out and not be aware of what we are feeling or creating unconsciously with our feelings and the thoughts connected to them. As riders we are taught to put on a brave face and push threw our emotions and pay attention to our programming (limited beliefs) or the technique. We are not really fully present. We are on autopilot. If we have been trained to live totally in our head to a horse we look out of focus.

I’m here to suggest that how we create our world works the opposite than most people understand. In our western culture we are taught to focus our awareness outside ourselves. We project our image on to our children, partners, horses and even one’s house. It becomes a mirror for us and it becomes a box for us especially when the image doesn’t live up to our expectations. This is why my teachings are not about any technique or riding style. I teach people how to become aware of the bigger picture. It is our inner world that creates our outer world. Horses want us to be connected to our essence or our true self. This work requires you to look at your agenda and personal motivations. If you are looking for external power then you are a mere rider. Inner power and a connection to ones inner self brings calmness, clarity, focus and connection. This can be a difficult process but well worth the journey. This ability to be in the heart space is not a place of weakness where you constantly lose yourself to another person or animal. Quite the opposite it is empowerment and the ability to stay centered. When you begin to live in this space of this expanded awareness you will recognize your horse as your guide and teacher. The journey becomes more important than the goal.

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