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Love Can't Be Severed

Nancy Proulx - Sunday, October 09, 2016


Years ago I was called to a client’s house to assess what was going on with their dog. She was a young female germen shepherd who seemed to not be that thrilled with her job as a canine police officer nor with her partner whom was the husband. When I sat in the family room with this couple I felt so much tension between the couple. The woman told the story that the dog always put up a fight when it came to leaving her side and that the dog would bite the husband. So the dog’s opinion and feelings were quite obvious. We talked about the husband learning to soften his interactions with not only the dog but with his wife. Blah, blah, blah! Yeah like that went over well! I remember leaving and feeling the overpowering aspect of the husband over the wife and the dog obviously stepped in as the protector.

About two months ago I got a call from this same woman. Only now she was divorced but had recently moved in with her boyfriend. She stated that her dog (the same germen shepherd) was now going after one of her boyfriend’s dogs after co existing for the past three months with no problem. She didn’t know what triggered this behavior.

My greatest strength is that of an empath, I go in and get a feel for the situation and try to help regain balance or harmony. My intuitive hit was to direct the woman’s attention to how she feels about this new living situation. It didn’t take much for her to admit she wasn’t sure about the situation and that she felt annoyed and would snap at her boyfriend. Bingo the words right out of her mouth and she made the connection that if she couldn’t speak up her dog would. Of course we talk about boundaries and the correct use of them and her ability to start voicing them.

But the most amazing part of this story is what she told me next.

She tells me that after that initial visit some years ago, things didn’t get better. At one point her and her husband had gone on a vacation and they left the dog with a fellow officer and his wife for the week. Upon return, the report was that the dog was an excellent houseguest. Not to long after their return home and back into the routine the aggressive behavior towards the husband continued until once again he was bitten. That was the last straw for this woman she couldn’t continue living with the stress between her husband and their dog. She decided to place the dog with the couple that had watched her while they were on vacation. Dysfunction continued in the couple’s household and it took about a year to finally make a decision for them to split. And here’s the amazing part! The day that her husband removed all his belongings from the home, her dog showed up sitting on her front porch just staring in the front screen door. This woman was shocked but enjoyed the coincidence of the visit. She then put the dog in the car to return her to her owners. When she got to their house and with much coaxing the dog refused to get out of the car. Luckily these people were quick to realize that the dog’s heart and loyalty always belonged to this woman and they were mere caretakers for the year. The dog returned home when her owner finally decided to come home to her self.


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