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Liberty Work Can Help Develop Feel

Nancy Proulx - Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Liberty Work Can Help Develop Feel

Over the past ten years, liberty work with our horses has become quite popular. Liberty work serves as a great foundation in developing the bond with the horse. I use it to access any new horse I’m working with to tell me who the horse is. Recently, I’ve become a little angered while reading a few articles describing the correct way to do liberty work. Being humans, our brains are always trying to organize and put things in a little box. I hear “use a whip, don’t use a whip”, “use a round pen, no use open space”, “use treats, don’t use treats”. Just as we have seen in the riding arena, if you get stuck on the technique and ride from your head you will lose touch with the feel, the connection and the oneness. The horse will always remind us to come back to balance and use both the head and the heart. Liberty work is about relationship and developing combined awareness of being able to feel into the horse and yourself at the same moment. It’s about adjusting each moment by trusting what your solar plexus is telling you about space requirements, using empathy to sense your horses response and emotions, and fine -tuning your ability to modulate energy.

I encourage the human to go into this process with the mindset of dropping technique and giving up trying to do everything perfectly. Strive to become a student of the horse and experiment with feel, body awareness and the non -verbal cues coming from the horse. The horse will be your best teacher. Just watch the magical moments that will occur when you have the courage to be vulnerable and choose to be present with the intention of learning each other’s language.

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