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It is elementary my dear Watson.

Nancy Proulx - Monday, July 25, 2016


This is Watson a terrier that I visited on a consult this past weekend.His owner called because Watson whom she rescued from the animal shelter a month ago was experiencing separation anxiety. I usually start my work out by getting the owner in touch with her own body wisdom and ask for a message from the body on the situation. She was easily able to get a message from the tension in her arms that she was to lighten up. I did get a feeling from the dog that he just wanted to please his new owner and he had a nice nature about him. I discussed how the owner is contributing to the situation unconsciously. Love without boundaries can become enmeshment, which is unhealthy and very heavy for a person or animal to carry. Both the owners and the dogs boundaries that form autonomy were weak. Enmeshment doesn't allow individual empowerment or a healthy relationship with our self or a higher power. We need to be careful that we don't expect our dog to fill our needs or complete oneself, that only makes for a codependent dog . Many times if you shift this dynamics before it gets programed into the dogs brain and nervous system, you can help the dog to settle and be less reactive. Separation anxiety can decrease and a more balanced relationship ensues.

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