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How Doubt Affects Your Horse

Nancy Proulx - Monday, May 22, 2017

Have you ever gone to a clinic where you have watched a talented horseperson demonstrate a technique or training method that will seem to fix all your horse related problems? You then come home and try to apply the same theory because it was so successful for them. Only you don’t get the same results? What makes it successful for them and not you?

This is a hard concept to grasp but it is not the technique that the horse is tuned into as much as the energy behind the technique that matters. You can’t just keep going out and looking to correct a horse’s behavior by looking for the next great method. Many times I see that it is the persons energy that is weak and confusing the horse. This is why I teach self-awareness and personal development when it comes to being with horses. There is a level of experimentation when we apply something new. This can be uncomfortable to some people who think that life has a formula that you follow. It’s ok to have a goal in mind but it doesn’t help to panic when something else shows up. When our action don’t get the results that we’re promised we start to doubt ourselves and then we look weak to the horse. We become disconnected from the self. We jump from an embodied instinctual presence (being very horse like) to a place of being in the head and trying to figure things out or even worse yet, the dreaded critical mind. When we are in the head we look totally out of focus to a horse. They will view our actions as weak, the horse does not respond to us, they ignore us and can even become irritated by us.

Most people hear about developing personal power in the work place but don’t take it into consideration when we work with horses. A horse wants to support you in staying true to yourself. I suggest you never give up the student’s mindset with horses and in life. Allow yourself to come up with new ideas and responses to your interactions, allow it to be instinctual and creative. A horse connects to the strength within us. This comes from not betraying yourself, staying with yourself, with your heart, your integrity and your ability to play with life. Sometimes it’s our craziest ideas that allow the magic to happen between two individuals.


Anonymous commented on 22-May-2017 11:38 PM
Great post. Insightful. And I love your website! It is rare to find a teacher who focuses on the personal development and well-being of the horse AND the human - and how this creates their relationship. What a gift you offer.

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