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Animal Communication, YIKES!

Nancy Proulx - Tuesday, February 07, 2017
Animal Communication

Animal Communications

I recently had a dream that I was selling diamonds and they asked me to wear a nametag that stated my job description. The nametag said animal communicator. In the dream I said “I should probably wear this nametag since I’m uncomfortable with this role”. When I woke up I realized that I didn’t value this part of my work, which was represented by the diamonds I was selling in the dream. I had to ask myself what the resistance was about?

I myself have questioned this ability not only in myself but also in other people. Not only have their been some bad representation of the work but it can be difficult to validate because animals are just wired differently than us and there is no verbal feedback. Many people who start out doing intuitive work use the excuse it is not a science or that is just what I got and I’m not responsible for the information, it just comes through me. I think this can be an easy way out and has given the work a bad rap. When I did my four- year intuitive studies with Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy we were held to a standard. The program was the Science of Medical Intuition and Intuitive Counseling. We were tested for accuracy it was not about being right that is a totally different thing. The ego is involved in the latter. It is a skill and it needs to be exercised like a muscle to develop fully.

The good thing is we all have this intuitive ability. It is in understanding how it works that helps demystify it. The Equine Facilitated Learning work that I do with the horses has helped me to not only trust my intuition but I use it to help others connect with theirs. Horses have a heightened sixth sense. They are prey animals and without the ability to trust what they feel verses what they see the species would have been extinct years ago. Think of how animals know and sense that a tsunami is coming and they all run for higher ground. Were they able to tell the future? No they sensed what was coming. They felt the vibration the subtle energy that was coming towards them. I use this skill in every area of my life from my health to dealing with a new situation and yes communicating with animals on a subtle level. How many of you have had your dog or a horse stare at you and you just don’t know what they want? You know they are sending you a message but how do we interpret it? For me the key was to use my body first not my head. Just like a horse would be able to read the subtle vibration coming from a lion that is passing by; that horse could sense whether that lion had a full stomach or was on the prowl for his next meal. The horse reads the energy of the situation.

Our intuition and instinct is subtle and many times overlooked because we have put so much value on our big brains. Life works so much smoother, is more creative and you are definitely more connected to life if you learn how to reclaim your skill of intuition. Don’t be afraid of it.

Anonymous commented on 08-Feb-2017 11:57 AM
The screen fast forward before I commented. I enjoyed the article. Looking forward to the class on the 11.
Jamie McNally commented on 10-Feb-2017 10:23 AM
Great blog Nancy. You are right. If we would just slow down, quiet our minds and feel the energy around us, we would make better life decisions.
Joan Patchett commented on 11-Feb-2017 08:19 AM
Great article, Nancy

I know I sometimes take my intuition for granted and don't value it for what it is. And I still doubt my animal communication skills when I deal with non-believers. Your article reinstates how important this all is and our abilities are of great value and should be treasured.
(And I need to work those muscles more often)
allen & shariff corporation commented on 19-Apr-2017 01:50 PM
Bobbye Soyke commented on 04-Nov-2018 04:45 PM

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