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Nancy Proulx

Nancy Proulx,
Eponaquest Instructor - Power of the Herd Certified

Equine Essence

Nancy is an Intuitive Consultant and lifelong horsewoman. At a young age she realized that if she wanted to be with horses safety she would have to learn to speak their language. Horses have a way of fine-tuning our empathic and intuitive abilities. Being able to tune into the horse’s emotional and mental nature helped her in the show ring. She developed her own horse methodology that fostered trust, respect and a willing horse.

As her worked deepened, she explored the intuitive arts and Jungian psychology. In 2004 She became of graduate of an intense 4-year program called The Science of Medical Intuition taught by Caroline Myss PHD and Norm Shealy MD.PHD. Now certified by The American Board of Science of Medical Intuition as a Counseling Intuitive.

In 2016 She became an Eponaquest instructor specializing in the horse human bond. These new tools and perspective help us to increase our awareness and see specifically how horses are masters at teaching emotional and social intelligence skills. Working directly with horses on the ground for personal development is one of the quickest ways to embody the lessons of leadership, empowerment and authenticity. Horses embody what her mentor Linda Kohanov calls non-predatory power. Something that is much needed at this time.

Nancy’s unique perspective and intuitive ability has allowed her to develop a more holistic way of being with horse. In this partnership the horse’s perspective is valued with the horse always leading us back to the language of our hearts and a more authentic way of being.


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