About Me

Nancy Proulx

Nancy Proulx,
Eponaquest Instructor - Power of the Herd Certified

Equine Essence

As a young girl, my sister and I would do anything to ride a horse. We grew up cleaning stalls, leading pony rides, taking inexperienced riders out on trails. The horses and stables were the most important part of our lives. My awareness of my intuitive abilities began as a young girl with clairsentient experiences. This gift of being able to feel into a horse allowed me to learn most of my knowledge directly from the horse. Because I always was attracted to the difficult horses I realized that there was more to training then just getting on to ride. Being able to tune into a horse psyche and developed trust helped me in the show ring also. The horses were willing to take my lead, trust me and give me many winning performances. Little did I realize that my life long journey of working with horses would fine-tune my intuitive abilities. Horses are especially good at jump-starting intuition in human beings. They are highly empathic and telepathic creatures that have the ability to move through these states of awareness while remaining authentic and grounded. I have come to realize that my horses were my greatest teachers.

In my early thirties, my belief system had opened up enough to start exploring the area of intuitive development. In 2004 I became of graduate of an intense 4-year program called The Science of Medical Intuition taught by Caroline Myss PHD and Norm Shealy MD.PHD. I am certified by The American Board of Science of Medical Intuition as a Counseling Intuitive. This training has helped me to perceive and assess the physical and nonphysical energy fields of the body and work intuitively with my client focusing on their relationships, life path and health issues. One of my main objectives is help in the development of one’s own intuitive sense and personal empowerment.

Because of my lifelong journey with horses and animals, Dr. Shealy advised me to take my intuitive abilities back to the animals so I continued on to study animal communication with Sandy Davis and Penelope Smith who is a pioneer in the field of animal communication. In deepening my communication with the animals, coupled with my counseling skills, I also work as a translator for the animal and their people. My goal is to bridge the gap between animal/human understanding and awareness. Learning to listen, and speak each other’s language is the key to understanding each other whether it is human-to-human or human-to-animal.

In 2016 I became an Eponaquest instructor specializing in the horse human bond. These new tools and perspective help us to increase our awareness and see specifically how horses are masters at teaching emotional and social intelligence skills. Working directly with horses on the ground for personal development is one of the quickest ways to embody the lessons of leadership, empowerment and authenticity. Horses embody what my mentor Linda Kohanov calls non-predatory power. Something that is much needed at this time.

As I reflect on my life experiences and choices, I see how it was all in perfect order and divinely guided. My life prepared me to do this work. It has been a very spiritually journey. I want thank my wonderful husband, family, friends teachers and especially my animals that have supported me in reaching beyond what our physical eyes can see. I have learned that animals have so much to teach us about our connection to our emotions, instincts, the earth and our self then we could ever imagine.