Equestrian Workshop

Nancy Proulx

Nancy Proulx,
Eponaquest Instructor - Power of the Herd Certified

Equine Essence

The Skill of Connection

Do you desire that crazy euphoric ride? What if I told you technique is not enough. Traditional training techniques only give you half of what you need to create this experience. Self -awareness, and understanding the nature of the horse is the foundation of being with horses. This workshop includes both classroom and ground activities that will help you to communicate and develop a connection with your horse improving your relationship and performance.

  • Develop your intuitive connection to your horse
  • Increase awareness of non-verbal communication
  • Develop Mutual Respect
  • Understand how your emotions affect your horse
  • Turn insecurity into confidence


    PLACE: Champion Hill Farm 13058 Kirby Rd. Akron, NY 14001

    DATE: 2/23/19

    TIME: 9:30- 4:00

    PRICE: $200 lunch included (Limit 5 Participants)

    Facilitated by Nancy Proulx - Lifelong Horsewoman, Eponaquest Instructor and Intuitive

    Contact: Nancy Proulx nproulx@roadrunner.com or 716-481-9812

    This workshop is appropriate for anyone desiring a deeper connection with their horse and themselves. Please wear layers. The workshop will be held inside with classroom learning and barn arena for hands-on experience.

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