5 Week Program

Nancy Proulx

Nancy Proulx,
Eponaquest Instructor - Power of the Herd Certified

Equine Essence


Do you struggle with communicating with your horse? Is your horse stubborn, balking or jigging? Do you lack confidence or doubt yourself?

Whether your discipline is English, Western, Dressage or Trail riding I can help you improve your relationship with your horse. I bring a more holistic approach to solving problems with your horse. My horse training background provides me with many tools, but in addition, I use communication as a complement to training.




My 5 Week Program

Week 1 - Learn to notice your horse in a new way that will help you understand what they are feeling in the moment.

Week 2 - Learn to use your horse’s language of space/boundaries to open communication up with your horse and develop mutual respect.

Week 3 - Learn to enhance your ability to feel into your horse. Increase your awareness of direct and indirect feel. Aids become softer and softer.

Week 4 - Learn how to use your personality as a defining, changing and calming factor for your horse.

Week 5 - Learn how your thoughts and feelings are affecting your horse’s thoughts and feelings and how to access them for a two-way conversation. 


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