Nancy Proulx ~ Equine Translator

Do you want to know what your horse has to say about his/her performance?

Equine Essence

Your horse wants you to know how the two of you can better work together as a team!
My role is to work as a communication bridge between you and your horse, helping you to actually speak to one another in order to overcome the problems and reach the 'high' of the seamless performance you both crave.
The essence of masterful horsemanship is communication.
Better communication means a better relationship.
Better relationship means better connection.
Better connection means better performance!

Bridging Communications between
the Horse and Owner

Workshops and One-on-One Consultations

Most people are taught to train and ride by throwing their emotions and expectations on to the horse. I have seen this create a very one sided relationship that causes many behavioral and performance problems. I teach riders how to reverse the effects of bad training by thinking and feeling from the horses perspective. These breakthroughs come quicker for horse and rider when we learn to evaluate concepts like safe space training, horse instinct, personality types, defense mechanisms, body awareness and our own projections. Workshops are part instructional and part demonstration.